Today I feel like a morning star shining my love right down on you

So catch me in your lightning jar and hold me for a week or two

A week or two will surely do for me to show my love to you

You won’t regret it if you’ll just let it shine

I’ve seen those big fat happy people with their store-bought smiles, they all look the same

On Sunday they’re all at the steeple by Monday they don’t know my name

I know my name I know their game the water overtakes the flame

They try to fake it but they can’t make it shine

Now way up high at the top of the world that’s where the sunlight never stops

The light you bring is all around you so take me to your mountaintop

Tonight I feel like a magnum of wine moonlight dancing on a sibylline sea

What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine what isn’t ours doesn’t matter to me

What matters to me is you’ll be free if you’ll just take a drink of me

Just lift your cup and sip it up and shine

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