Friends tell you nothin’s wrong but I know when somethin’s wrong

They try to tell you it’s all right it’s just another sleepless night

I know that it’s something that’s been said before a lot

I don’t know what it is but I know it hits the spot

And now I’m not sure if I’m in love or I am not

And I don’t understand how you can be so cruel but I’ll be cool

You make it look so easy when you hit me with those lies

Your attitude’s so sleazy that it’s really no surprise

You think I have no feelings but there’s water in my eyes

It’s been inside me now it’s finally comin’ through but I’ll be cool I’ll hang loose

You think that you’re the diamond in the salt mine

You think that everything’s a game of win or lose

You try to hit me with your same old fuckin’ weak lines

Then turn around and do exactly as you choose

Well I was young before and I swear that it’s the truth

Your emphasis is placed upon your beauty and your youth

The rest of you is hurtin’ if I’m forced to face the truth

I guess I really kinda tied my own noose but I’ll be cool I’ll hang loose

Friends tell me that I’m wrong but I just can’t be sure at all

I guess the cat must show its claws when her back’s against the wall

But it wouldn’t be true to say that I don’t even care

You used to be my shadow now there’s nothing there but air

I know it isn’t legal and I’m sure it isn’t fair

That I go under like some ordinary fool but I’ll be cool

I won’t stop cuz I love you so I’ll leave you to your duel

And I’ll try to be particularly cool

There are facts you should have learned but you just wouldn’t go to school

I’ll always be your ordinary fool

The ocean’s full of fish but I’m still drowning in your pool

I’ll always be your ordinary fool

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