300 Pieces

Oh I know it’s not my fault but I know it’s not your fault

Maybe if we’d met sooner maybe if we’d met later

Maybe if your hair was red maybe if I’d shaved my head

But all that I can do is think think about you

Every day it kills me more and more and my heart’s in 300 pieces on the floor

Maybe there were things I should have said or things I shouldn’t have said

Maybe I should have made it all more clear maybe I was scared of what I’d hear

When a dove has a broken wing can it feel anything?

Oh God I can’t feel anything but I can feel everything

Every hour it hurts me more and more til I can’t even find these pieces on the floor

She’s so far away I wonder what she’s doin’ right now

She’s so far so far away who gets to see her smile right now? Who gets to see it?

I know that something’s gotta change that’s how I stay alive

I know that something’s gotta change maybe she can hear me sing this song

Maybe at this very minute she’s thinkin’ exactly what I’m thinkin’

Maybe she’s gettin’ on a plane you know it’s so cold up there this time of year

Every night it’s what I’m prayin’ for that she’ll come and pick these pieces up off the floor

Life is long I keep a little light burnin’

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