Lose Your Head

Now when you’re feelin’ kinda blue like your spunk’s been spanked
And your boogie’s got no woogie nothin’ left in the tank
Here’s a little tip and you can take it from me
Four out of five family physicians agree
Just spin around three times and take two of these
Stand on one leg and then get down on your knees
Go dirty up some dishes and muss up the bed
Keep your hand on your wallet but lose your head
The preacher told me Son I hear it said that you’ve sinned
I said with any luck I’m gonna do it again
It’s Saturday night and my stones won’t fire
So get outta my way or I’ll oil your tire
Cuz there’s a party after hours down at Goose’s Snow Palace
If you wanna get wiggy well just go ask Alice
You can watch the sun rise to the laughter of the dead
Keep your eyes in their sockets but lose your head
The ape is out of his cage don’t wanna act my age
Respectability is such a bore bore bore to me
I heard about your daddy and those boys from the order
I can’t say I blame him lookin’ south of the border
Your mother lost it all on that hotel in Dubai
I spent a weekend with her there once playing spider and fly
So I guess you’ve got some troubles that you’d like to forget
Well come hang out with me and my cold-pizza quintet
They can get a little frisky when the light turns red 
Keep your knees close together but lose your head

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