All Right

Well, there’s a man walkin’ round and he’s takin’ names

They tell me he already has mine

At least that’s the rumor that’s been spreadin’ round town

I wouldn’t make it up cuz it gets me too down

I went out to the country but even out there

I couldn’t breathe from the sulfur and the smoke in the air

With all these freaks it’s the same old story

Need to go out in a blaze of glory

But I’m gonna be all right I’m naked and alive and free ain’t nothin’ gonna worry me

I keep a little light I shine it at the morning sun and even brighter when the sun goes down

And the day is done

So you weren’t in the room when they cut the deal

They use their guns to kill but their pens to steal

The blood runs cold while the water gets higher

And the rust keeps eating their flesh like fire

But I’m sure that you already knew all of that

You’ve been watching this go on for years

I remember when everyone laughed you cried

You’re the one without witness guile or pride

And you’re gonna be all right walk in through my open door you’re the one I’ve been waiting for

You’ve fully earned the right everything you’ve said has come true

So come away with me and it’ll be just us two

Now listen point your finger to the sky wipe that teardrop from your eye

We’ll keep the moon and the sun behind us I know just the place they’ll never find us

So here’s our last chance to prove ’em all wrong

Or else we’re gonna prove ’em all right

Everybody’s watchin’ everybody else these days

But nobody hears what anybody says

And everybody dies a little every day

While everyone denies that life ends that way

I wanna walk with you outside the sadness

I want you to love me to the point of madness

We’re gonna be all right our love will keep us strong whether we’re right or wrong

We’re gonna win the fight we’ll be laughing while the others cry

Seek the truth while all of them lie

It’s all gonna be all right all right all right all right


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